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Reblog if you’re Muslim


How many Muslims are on Tumblr ?

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Yoon Do Hyun feat. Tablo & K.Will - 요즘 내 모습


YOON DO HYUN (윤도현) feat. TABLO (타블로) & K.WILL (케이윌) - 요즘 내 모습

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“If the shaytaan looks at you and sees that you are consistent in an act of obedience to Allaah, he will try to come to you again and again. If he sees that you are persistent in your actions (despite his efforts) he will tire of you and leave you. But if he sees that you are one day like this and one day like that, he will have high hopes in you.”

i wonder why we love ‘shirt choreography so much

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6/  Kkap Kwon | "Girl group’s additional member"  #JokwonDay #happykwon26day

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Welcome to KWB Power Yoga!


Welcome to KWB Power Yoga!

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